About Summit Leisure

Summit Leisure, founded by Graham and Mandy Kelsey, have been supplying swimming pool equipment, telescopic swimming pool enclosures and hot and swim spa products for nearly 40 years. We pride ourselves on our first class service and now have over 10,000 happy clients enjoying Summit Leisure products in their homes and gardens. We have also partnered with many schools and commercial operators to develop bespoke swimming pool enclosure solutions for all year round swimming, whatever the weather.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosures

All the products in our portfolio have been carefully selected for their proven quality and reliability. We have been working exclusively with PAC Diffusion, the manufacturers of our market leading swimming pool enclosures for over 15 years. Together we constantly strive to achieve the highest standards. The recently extended 9600m² state-of-the-art factory that manufactures our swimming pool enclosures employs 30 people to help it run efficiently.

Summit Leisure is the UK’s most specialist supplier of swimming pool enclosures, and supported by the dynamic factory team, we are jointly responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing the most impressive and functional telescopic enclosures in the UK.

Every telescopic swimming pool enclosure client receives a face to face consultation with a member of our expert and friendly design team, followed by a set of photo-realistic rendered CAD designs and thorough specification that forms the basis of the project plan. Basically we take care of everything from your initial needs analysis, to design and complete installation.

Swim spas & hot tubs

In the last 10 years, we have also specialised in home wellness products such as hot tubs, exercise pools and saunas. Our range of hot tubs and exercise pools from the Allseas Spa Company provide endless and diverse massages which are beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Their dedicated research and absolute commitment to innovation and total quality supported by a thorough understanding of the market make their products stand out from the crowd!

“Our telescopic swimming pool enclosure is wonderful! We swim every day in the tropics! We haven’t had to use the heater
at all and I’ve only vacuumed once. We had a midnight party the other night with 3 other aging
Parish Councillors after a boring parish meeting on a hot sticky night. We broke up at 1.30am
after much wine. We oldies know how to enjoy ourselves.”

Ms L from Chester-Le-Street, Durham

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Summit Leisure are delighted to announce the winning of the contract to supply and install one of their bespoke telescopic swimming pool enclosures at the prestigious St. John's International School, Sidmouth, as part of a six-figure project which will also see the school's - currently outdoor -  swimming pool and surround completely refurbished by Isca Pools of Ottery St Mary. One of the key aims of the works being undertaken at St. John's was to get much more use from the pool when it's refurbished. As the pool was outdoors, the weather and seasons were a hugely limiting factor on how much use it could be put to. That will all [...]

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6 Things you need to know before you invest in a Telescopic Pool Enclosure Owning your very own outdoor swimming pool or exercise pool can be one of the most rewarding investments that you will make to your home and your sense of fitness, health and wellbeing. Imagine an early morning dip to get you invigorated and ready to face the day with a renewed sense of energy and vigour. Or at the end of the day, an evening relaxing swim can be the perfect solution to help you to switch off, wind down and enjoy a great nights sleep. Plus your beautiful outdoor pool can provide the centrepiece for your [...]

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Swim Spas – Swimming Pools for the 21st Century?

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Here at Summit Leisure we constantly monitor the latest trends in swim spas and the home wet leisure sector in general to ensure we're constantly up to date with the latest innovations and so we can bring our customers the most technologically advanced and life-enhancing products available. More and more people are becoming more conscious of their own health and fitness, and, as life becomes more pressured and time is harder pressed, they also want to get greater value and quality from the time they do spend with family, friends, and loved ones. Swimming has long been recognised as one of the most complete forms of aerobic exercise, and a great [...]

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Ownership in Hot Tubs has grown and changed significantly in the UK in the last 30 years. When they made their first tentative appearances on the UK market in the late 1970s, they were the preserve of the uber-rich, Hollywood stars and pop icons. Or the signature feature of the homes of Essex Man and City high-flyers. By modern standards, the products themselves weren't that good then either, with primitive controls, filtration and heating systems. A lot of the products had very basic jets, featureless and angular shell mouldings. They also had next to nothing in the way of insulation and energy conserving measures. In the intervening period however, the numbers [...]