Ideal Shelter for Spas and Exercise Pools

We offer many shapes and sizes. The variety and versatility however, is provided by a number of variations we offer on each style.

Our prices are mostly inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation which makes this range attractive to most. You only need to prepare a surface for the cabin to sit on.  Delivery is normally around 4 weeks from order as they are all made to order.

The many advantages of using Cedarwood:-

  • More attractive
  • Its dimensional stability and resistance to warping and bending
  • Resistance to decay because of cedar's "built-in" anti fungal acids and agents
  • Has lightweight characteristics
  • Its great thermal insulation qualities

We offer a 15 year guarantee against timber rot and decay. In addition, we offer a 1 year guarantee for all other components.

The cabins are all manufactured in the UK and the wood imported from Canada - Truly "Made in Britain".

Shapes available in this range are octagonal, square, rectangular and quarter (corner) style ideal for a corner position. The Gazebos range in size from 2.5m square up to 7m x 4m rectangular, so ideal for spas and swimspas.    

Whether you are just looking for a roof to keep the rain off when swimming or to enjoying your spa or totally enclosed there will be a size and specification available.  The standard gazebos have a small or standard size atrium (clear viewing panel in the roof) but you have the option to have a large atrium - to star gaze at night!  If however you are looking for more protection from the weather or a little more privacy from neighbours then you have the choice of louvered panels, solid bevelled panels or trellis sides. You can even choose a mixture of all of these... there are so many combinations to consider as each is individually manufactured to your requirements. 

If you have a spa or exercise pool and want to use it all year around you can opt to totally enclose it. With a combination of windows, doors and overall size we think we have just about everything covered.... The door choices are a single opening door, french doors or bi-folding doors which will give you all year around use.  

The Cedarwood Gazebo's can be installed directly onto your paving or decked area. Installation throughout the whole of the UK. 


In the majority of cases planning is not required.  In residential situations developments in a private garden fall under the title of Permitted Development. This is generally when a building is not positioned between your house and a highway, is less than 4m high or, if within 2m of a boundary is less than 2.5m high, does not cover more than 50% of the original ground area of the property and is positioned away from the house by 5m. Planning however may be required for properties situated in a conservation area, a listed building or an area of outstanding natural beauty.  


All the gazebos will require maintenance. All timbers change with exposure to the elements. The biggest advantage of cedar is that It has high resistance to rot and decay. Cedar left exposed to the elements, and most particularly exposed to direct sunlight, cedar will turn an attractive silvery colour. There are cedar maintenance oils that can be applied to the wood every 12 months to enhance its colour.