Ideal Shelter for Hot Tubs and Exercise Pools

We offer many shapes and sizes. The variety and versatility however, is provided by a number of variations we offer on each style.

Our prices are mostly inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation which makes this range attractive to most. You only need to prepare a surface for the cabin to sit on.  Delivery is normally around 4 weeks from order as they are all made to order.

The many advantages of using Cedarwood:-

  • More attractive
  • Its dimensional stability and resistance to warping and bending
  • Resistance to decay because of cedar's "built-in" anti fungal acids and agents
  • Has lightweight characteristics
  • Its great thermal insulation qualities

We offer a 15 year guarantee against timber rot and decay. In addition, we offer a 1 year guarantee for all other components.

The cabins are all manufactured in the UK and the wood imported from Canada - Truly "Made in Britain".

Shapes available in this range are octagonal, square, rectangular and quarter (corner) style ideal for a corner position. The Gazebos range in size from 2.5m square up to 7m x 4m rectangular, so ideal for spas and swimspas.    

Whether you are just looking for a roof to keep the rain off when swimming or to enjoy your spa or totally enclosed there will be a size and specification available.  The standard gazebos have a small or standard size atrium (clear viewing panel in the roof) but you have the option to have a large atrium - to star gaze at night!  If however you are looking for more protection from the weather or a little more privacy from neighbours then you have the choice of louvered panels, solid bevelled panels or trellis sides. You can even choose a mixture of all of these... there are so many combinations to consider as each is individually manufactured to your requirements.