High Enclosures

A full height enclosure not only covers the pool but as it has full head room you can use it to enclose more space around the pool giving you an outside area which can be used for entertaining, dining or even to house a hot tub or perhaps a gym area by the pool.

There are different designs for all the enclosures in our range as well as various options on how you can open the enclosure.  There are also choices of door openings and sizes - sliding with locks and unique child proof locking mechanism that allows the end doors to be left slightly open for ventilation but still keeps the pool safe. We always try to ensure the door is as wide as possible to provide maximum ventilation and easy access - side doors are also an option.

In addition to retractable full height enclosures we can also provide any of the models in a static format or the Visio enclosure which has a sliding roof and integral rainwater guttering.  We can also tailor your enclosure to your specific needs which can include fitting along the side of a house or building or butting one of the enclosures to a wall or building and we can even mount units on top of a wall - there are more details on this style on our Bespoke Range page.

All enclosures from our Aqua Telescopic and Static range are all manufactured in marine grade powder coated aluminium.  All end and side wall glazing is toughened safety glass.  Non of the enclosures require rails or tracks to run on.  The only time we would install tracks would be if your paving dictated they would be required.  Rails are not required to strengthen the enclosure - all our enclosures are extremely strong and each model manufactured would have independently verified calculations for wind and snow loadings.

If the standard modules do not suit your particular pool and its surround we can bespoke any model.

For all our quotations we supply a detailed specification with independently verified strength calculations and scale drawings detailing the positioning of the enclosure over your pool and we can also produce 3D images.  Amongst the other options you can consider is to automate your enclosure with our solar charged battery operated motors and this feature is demonstrated on our options page.

We now offer the Prestige option in all models.  The Prestige model has a new special patented guiding mechanism that permits one person to singlehandedly open and close the enclosure with ease (depending on size).  Also, it is recommended if there is any unevenness in the pool surround or paving.