Hot Tubs & Swimspas

Deciding on which Spa to purchase can be a difficult decision. The AllSeas Spa range will offer you everything you could wish for. It could be the best decision you may make!


Our collection of AllSeas Spas stand for simplicity in design, features and usage. AllSeas are pioneers of designing, developing and manufacturing Spas. For in-ground and above ground installation. Most of the AllSeas models have been designed for advante garde minimalist and modern surroundings. Endless and diverse massages are beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Why AllSeas Swimpas?

Dedicated research and an absolute commitment to innovation and total quality, supported by a thorough understanding of the market with a growing range of products is the secret of the Allseas brand.

Allseas are a modern and well organised company, who specialise in design, manufacturing and sales. Using the best components from around the world... and providing a product to suit each individuals expectations.

Focusing on the most innovative designs, providing a wonderful lifestyle experience, costing less to operate and requiring the least amount of maintenance.

Allseas swimspas combine the most advanced technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

The collection of swimspas Allseas offer stands for simplicity in design, features and usage. They are pioneers in designing, developing and manufacturing Swimspas and Spas using only the best components from around the world. These include American acrylics, Canadian control systems, Canadian jets, German silicone and UK glues. All units are available for in-ground or above installation. Most of the models have been designed for todays garden, minimalist and to blend into the modern surroundings.

Oasis Series Hot Tub

The first in the Allseas range is the Oasis Series Spas. They range from £3,760 to £4,367. Each offering something a little different. From a 2-3 seater to 3 seats and 2 loungers....

Rock - Round Hot Tub

This neat circular spa comes with all you would expect from the Allseas Spa range. LED large spotlight, Thermo lock System, Steel frame, Ozone and Gecko controls...measuring 198x92cm with 4 seats.

River Stone Series Hot Tubs

The River Stone Series come in three different models and are offered as the SE and FE models. The FE model adds extras to this spa range and will provide the ultimate spa experience.

Hot Tub Combined SwimSpa

All the Allseas swimspas are designed to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy pool into your home. With exclusive systems and components - from the most leading and energy saving technologies.

OD Series II SwimSpas

The models from the OD Series offer a wonderful exercise pool. As with all the Allseas range it uses the best components from around the world - ensuring your enjoyment for years to come.

Poseidon Series SwimSpa

Poseidon Series is our top of the range and offers you both a 8m long swimspa for swimming and exercise or the duo with spa facility - running at two temperatures.

Deck Level and Overflow Spas

The River Flow Square and Rover Flow Round are both superb quality. With high specification these spas offer simplicity of installation.