If you are thinking of building a swimming pool and unsure whether to go for a Pool Kit or you are considering a call to your local Pool Building Company for a quote - firstly call us - to find out more about how we can help and what options you have. 

If you are not sure whether to go for a block and liner pool or a concrete pool perhaps you could use some advice from a swimming pool company like Summit Leisure who have 35+ years experience not only in supply but construction.  Summit Leisure supply almost everything relating to swimming pools and we are experts in anything pool-related.  Although we no longer build swimming pools we can assist and advise during its construction.  We can give advice on digging the hole, getting rid of the soil and all the other jobs right up until the pool is ready to be filled, used and maintained....There are lots of decisions to be made before having a swimming pool built and hopefully we can help you look into all those options.

Besides the main options available to you like the type of pool you construct - the other options such as types of pool covers, pool heaters, the shape and size of your pool can also be discussed.  The additional expense to consider will be a plant room to house all the filtration equipment and the patio area you wish to create around the pool.  When you are at a stage, when you are still planning which sort of pool you would like, it is a good time to call us.  

DIY Pool Kits

We aren't just an internet business solely interested in delivering boxes and once sold no longer want to know. We like to make the pool project a happy experience and thrive on giving great back-up.

Pool Accessories

With many years experience in the Pool and Spa Industry we are able to help you and advise the best equipment for your pool.